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Vivian Marie Ainsworth, circa 2000
Jerry Lee Ainsworth III, circa 1999
Vivian Marie and Jerry Lee Ainsworth with Raymond and Lucky, circa 1999
The song playing in the background is "Jesus Loves the Little Children."

     Refrain:               Jesus loves the little children,
                                All the children of the world.
                                Red and yellow, black and white,
                                All are precious in His sight.
                                Jesus loves the little children of the world.
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Laura Jean Ainsworth, circa 2001
James Mark Hutchison, circa 2003
John Ross Ainsworth born March 11, 2003
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Anna Catherine Hutchison born March 31, 2003
with her cousin LauraJean Ainsworth at right
James Mark Hutchison, circa 2003
Colton Comans, 2004
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