From left to right, Front row:  Dick Bell, Jack Beard, Alice Windsor, Barbara Fogarty, Karen Ryan, Susan Hudson, Mary Autostenos, and David Waddell.  Middle row: Bill Furs, Douglas ?, Linda Johnson, Jean King, Carol Gola, Barbara Fold, Beverly Mary, and Ron Stevens.  Last row: Joe Nolie, Richie Brown, Lynn Briers, Billy Stearns, Dean Clark, Ron Neuso, Art Terrell, and Henry Agrof.  The names are handwritten on the reverse of the photograph and are often difficult to discern so that spellings may be incorrect.  There is also a notation that William Dillon, Raymond Arenzo, and Carol Thornton are new students. The teacher is Mrs. Tierney.
First grade class at McKinley Elementary School, Syracuse, NY, 1947-8
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The original of this photo is owned by Jean King Hutchison of Jackson, MS, who is shown fourth from the left in the middle row.
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