Front row, left to right:  Ray Egan, (Raymond Egan, health care consultant, living in Princeton, NJ), Gary Savage, (Garratt M. Savage, living in Fayetteville), Mike Waters, (Michael S. Waters, recently retired Fire Coordinator for Onondaga County, lives in Fayetteville), Dick Luczyski, (Richard Luczyski, contractor, living in Pasadena, CA), Chuck West, (Charles L. West, retired BOCES counselor, lives in Henderson Harbor, NY, and Las Cruces, NM), and Eddie Kaup, (Edward F. Kaup, lives in South Yarmouth, MA). 

Second row:  the first two girls are unknown, Nancy Smith, (Nancy Smith Welsh, living in Raleigh, NC), Sue Becker, (Suzanne Becker, lives in DeWitt, NY), possibly Emmie Lou Smithers, UNK, Carol Mitchell, (Carol Elizabeth Mitchell, who graduated from Alfred A&T Institute, married Daniel Franklin Carey in 1962, and is now deceased), and the last girl is UNK.

Third row:  UNK, Chuck McElroy, (Charles P. McElroy, lives in Skaneateles, NY), UNK, Linda Vogel, (Linda Vogel Malson, lived in Pitcher, NY, at her death on 1-13-2004), Cindy Childs, (Cynthia Childs Over, lives in Venice, FL), Cathy Parker, (Cathy Parker Patel, lives in Orland Park, IL), Sandy Cronk, (Sandra Cronk, authored books on Quaker theology before her death in NJ on 4-4-2000), Dorothee McCormick, (Dorothee McCormick Grossman, lives in East Syracuse, NY), UNK, Billy Truman, (William Truman, an investor living in Melvin Village, NH, and Key Largo, FL, at his death on 8-21-2004), and Don Brang, (Donald Brang, who lives in DeWitt).

Fourth (top) row:  Jim Scott, Butch Falso, (Adolph Falso, resides in Manlius, NY, CEO of Seneca Data Dist.), Jimmy Paul, (James Paul, widowed, lives in Lyndon, NY), Ronnie Crofoot, (Ronald M. Crofoot, managed a Noah's Ark store, and lived in Lyndon until his death on 10-15-1995), possibly Dennis Cowell, Joey Luczyski, (Joseph Luczyski, worked in the insurance industry and resided in Mesa, AZ, at his death on 1-17-2009), probably Gene Oliver Seidel, (who resided in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, at his death on 2-8-1991), UNK, and, probably Gerry Brang, (Gerald Brang, who lives in North Syracuse, NY)

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