AUGUST, 2005
Among the most welcome sights this week have been service trucks from the local power company (left).  A large tree on Main St. fell victim to the nearly 100 mph gusts at the height of the storm on Monday, August, 29th, while a sign for our neighborhood shows relatively little damage.
Shown here are three sights not usually found in our area:  (from left) long gas lines at the few stations remaining open, a sign at a drive through insisting on cash only, and signs directing those needing help to a shelter established at the United Methodist church.
The photo at left shows extensive damage to a Jackson business, while the photo at the right shows the flattened roof of a North Jackson gas station.
As we were among the lucky few to still have electricity, my wife, a son, and his wife, gathered in my office and sat transfixed by the unbelievable television news accounts emanating from New  Orleans. 
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